Organic Cotton Growing and Weaving
“Raaba” means “weave” in NDEM, where many of the wonderful materials come from that make up our Full Circle interlayers. As part of our Full Circle program, we recently trained 20 people to grow and spin cotton, which could then be used by women artisan weavers. Additionally, we trained four women artisans open weaving techniques on newly build looms. By creating these beautiful fabrics, they’re able to sell them to support their families.
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Solar Project
“Kattan” means “strength” in NDEM, where our Full Circle solar project helps communication run strong throughout the village. One of the challenging (and beautiful) aspects of this region is its remote location, and communication can be difficult. Through our solar project, 15 women work their own solar recharging business, which strengthens contact for 300 families.
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In Nepal, “padhauna” means “education.” As part of our ongoing commitment to our
Nepalese partners, we were able to help cover the salaries of two teachers. Additionally, we were able to train 70 women in different vocational areas, and provide complimentary school fees for 16 children over 5 years.
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“Naat means “prosperity in NDEM, which is a perfect way to describe ourFull Circle Microsavings program. This self-sustaining, organically created program brings together small groups of women who meet once a week to learn about savings, and to contribute to a central lock box. They make small loans, usually for entrepreneurial purposes or some other urgent need. The special part about these microsavings groups is that no money comes from an outside bank, and no money leaves the village to an outside bank.
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New Marketplace
In NDEM, “maaga” means “grow,” which describes the new marketplace in NDEM. 
Color by Amber, through its Full Circle program, helped to build this new marketplace through donating a portion of its profits back to the wonderful artisan community of NDEM. Farmers from all over the region come to buy and sell their produce and support the local economy.