The Beauty of Ecoresin

At Color by Amber, our jewelry has 40% recycled content; so you’ll feel 100% about wearing it. It’s such a fun and easy way to help nurture the planet and look great at the same time. Learn more here.



Zero Landfill

You’ll be happy to know that your piece of Color by Amber is made in an award-winning, eco-friendly facility. We send nothing to the landfill. Zero. Nada. Any materials we don’t use, we find other environmentally friendly ways to use them. Keeping our planet as beautiful as our jewelry. 

Our facility is completely carbon neutral. Conservation, increased efficiency, renewable energy, and verifiable offsets have allowed us to drastically reduce our contribution to global warming.


People-Friendly Products

We do extensive human-factor testing and commit substantial resources to improve and create new products that enhance the quality of human life. We use only non-toxic materials that do not contain BPA or other harmful chemicals. Ultimately, we create our products with concern for end-of-use: reusability, recyclability and safety.